Is Your Web Developer Holding You Hostage? Get control of your domain, hosting and social media accounts now!

Posted by Shelley Fajans on Jan 11, 2016 2:47:28 PM

Are you being held hostage by your current web developer? Even worse, do you not know if you are or not? Read on to see who is really in control of your company assets.

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Internet Marketing for VSBs (very small businesses)

Posted by Ken Fajans on Nov 3, 2015 4:16:00 PM

Is your business a one-person show? 2 people? 5 people? Then you are probably operating what we call a VSB (very small business). Whether your business is a start-up, growing, or just operating on a scale that you are comfortable with, you need to market your products or services. That means that your business needs to be visible online.

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Don't doom your start-up business before launch

Posted by Ken Fajans on Oct 26, 2015 2:37:40 PM

"I've gone in for a lot of get-rich-quick schemes in my life. But this thing could really get me rich...and quick!" - Homer Simpson

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Is it time for a Website Redesign?

Posted by Ken Fajans on Oct 1, 2015 8:30:00 AM

This is a question that most small business owners struggle with every 1-2 years. After all, a website redesign project is a big commitment, not only in dollars but also in time. Small business owners know that their website is an integral part of their business and reputation. An outdated website conveys many things to customers and prospects, usually none of them good.

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Starting a New Business? Top 3 Social Media Mistakes Owners make

Posted by Shelley Fajans on Sep 24, 2015 7:00:00 AM

At CharmLab, we work long-term with clients to help them grow their business volume and hone their message and content in New Hampshire where we are based, and many more across the U.S.A.

After helping so many new business owners launch their branding and online properties, we have learned a few big, yet very common mistakes that business owners make when starting their online marketing programs.

Most new businesses can figure out a business card, a logo and pricing of their services. But where the rubber meets the road, business owners don't use FREE Social Media platforms to move the needle and attract new business.

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Does your website use Flash? Mozilla adds a nail to the coffin.

Posted by Ken Fajans on Jul 15, 2015 8:28:32 AM

There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was a man ahead of his time in many respects. He saw the problems with Adobe Flash back in 2010 when Apple stopped supporting the platform on all its iDevices. At the same time, he wrote an open letter "Thoughts on Flash."

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SEO should be about Customers, not Search Engines

Posted by Ken Fajans on Jul 13, 2015 12:40:12 PM

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of those acronyms that make business owners cringe. Every time you read an article, see a video or get an annoying call to "Claim your Google listing", people are telling you different things about how to improve your SEO. Keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, a lot of the things that once were important, no longer are. Check out our 17 SEO Myths.

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Is Google your best friend or enemy? Improve your search relationship

Posted by Ken Fajans on Jun 30, 2015 9:00:00 AM

If you are like most business owners I know, the mere mention of Google has you cowering in a corner. They are like the hottest person in school and you have to go out our your way to get them to notice you because they have plenty of others vying for their attention. As the leader of the pack, other search engines usually follow their lead, so almost anything you do to improve your Google ranking with other search engines.

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How much does a website cost?

Posted by Ken Fajans on Jun 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM

If you build websites, it's a question that you get asked all the time, "How much does a website cost?" My short reply is “How much does a car cost?’’ As most developers know, this analogy is fitting because the cost depends on many factors: size, performance, functionality, design, platform, etc. There's no standard price. You have to decide what's best for your company and your budget.

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Mobile Responsive websites aren't just about Google

Posted by Ken Fajans on Jun 2, 2015 9:29:20 AM

There has been a lot of press about Mobilegeddon and Google's new algorithm that penalizes sites that aren't "mobile-friendly." You can read about it here. While your search rankings and SEO on Google are important, the underlying reason that Google released this update is even more important: usability and user satisfaction.

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